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The Point Where the Light Breaks

August Holck has never managed to find his footing among the strong women around him. Now that the refugees have arrived, he has his chance.

When the refugee boys arrive, the whole town is thrown into conflict. August, a quirky pastor from an old city in Sweden, takes young Malek, Sami, and Hassan into his charge, and begins a journey that will end up changing all their lives forever. 


The manuscript was nominated for the 2018 Geneva Literary Prize for fiction and won an honorable mention.

Advance Praise for The Point Where the Light Breaks

"The writing on display here is extremely impressive and professional. Character, place, setting and storyline are all navigated with dexterity, and the subject matter of refugees is topical and important." — 2019 Booker Prize Winner Bernadine Evaristo on The Point Where the Light Breaks

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